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Mechatronics project

 This unique project to investigate how modern technology can improve our knowledge of two hundred year old technology has been completed by Bath University Students for Crofton Beam Engines.

Crofton has linked up with Bath University Mechanical Engineering students to investigate how a ‘mechatronics’ system, using modern remote sensing devices, could help improve our understanding of the working of such important early industrial machines.

Knowledge of remote measurements and the recording of parameters such as temperature, pressure, stresses, vibration etc. could:

  1. better inform us to how we care for such engines and if we are doing any damage by continuing to operate the engines at full power
  2. provide real time information on hand held or fixed devices, to enhance the visitor experience, for educational purposes and for those unable to access all parts of the 5 storey building
  3. provide data for off site analysis by students at all levels to explore in detail how such machines work and perform.

The result of this research is described in the attached paper by the lead research member Will Smith. This paper is released to Crofton by the University of Bath for educational purposes.