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Understanding Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a simple system, widely used by charities, which allows us to claim back money from the taxman on the amounts which we collect in entry fees. As a UK tax-payer, you will have already paid income tax on the money you pay us to enter. Gift Aid allows us to reclaim that tax and so dramatically increases the value of your payment to us without affecting your own tax position. See the example, below. However, to use this scheme, you must pay enough Income and/or Capital Gains Tax (VAT and Council tax do not count) in the current tax year, to at least equal the value of the tax which is reclaimed on the total Gift Aid donations you make here and elsewhere. The scheme requires Gift Aid prices to include a small, extra donation element which is why we also publish slightly lower non-Gift Aid prices.
Here is an example of how it works:-
The value of the entry fee in this example is increased by 25% if you choose to use the Gift Aid scheme:

Adult entry ticket

Tax reclaimed

Received by Crofton

Gift Aid Price £8.00



Non Gift Aid Price £7.20



Thus, your use of Gift Aid has resulted is our receiving an extra £2.00 which is the equivalent of £25 extra on every £100 we take at the desk. This represents a very welcome boost to our income which is badly needed for the vital conservation projects so necessary to keep this wonderful, historic site open and alive with steam.
We would urge all our visitors (if they are eligible) you to use the Gift Aid route as it results in such a large increase in our charitable income.
Payment of the small, extra donation is entirely voluntary so, if you prefer to pay the standard admission fees, please advise our staff when you arrive at the entry desk.

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