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Steam Experience

Have you ever wanted to stoke a huge coal fired boiler or operate the oldest working beam engine in the world? Now is your chance! OR Why not make this a unique present for someone’s special birthday or celebration. Crofton Beam engines are offering a unique day’s experience. We introduced it first in 2013 as an experiment which soon proved extremely popular and the limited places available were totally sold out for the whole season.  Following that success, it is now a permanent feature of our offering.

Accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable escort, you can light and stoke the boiler, work with the Duty Engineer, enter areas not normally seen by the public, prepare the engines for steaming, and finally take control of the oldest, working beam engine in the world. Safety briefing, protective clothing and refreshments, including a light lunch, will be provided and you will receive a commemorative certificate recording the event. A maximum of only two places per steaming day are possible, so early booking is essential.
Steam Experiences are offered on our scheduled steaming weekends as detailed in the event calendar except for the Steam Gala weekend.

Steam Experience £150 per person
K&AT Members £125 per person

Please note that the Steam Experience is offered only to persons aged 18 or over and is subject to terms and conditions set out here.
To enquire please send a request using the form below:




Sample Itinerary – subject to change due to current circumstances if needed

07.00 Issue of overalls and gloves Boiler preparation and lighting up Explanation of the steam system firing experience with the boiler man
08.00 Breakfast provided.
09.00 Safety and programme briefing
Tour of areas not accessible to the public
Assisting with the engine warm-through procedure
Assisting the Duty Engineer with pre-steaming safety checks
10.30 Start of No.1 Engine – observing the procedure
10.45 Cylinder Head duty – operating the stop valves and oiling the steam cylinder
11.15 Beam Gallery duty – chocking the beam
11.45 Boiler duty – assisting the boiler man with stoking
12.30 Light lunch provided
13:00 Tour of whole site with experienced volunteer
14.00 No.1 Engine driving duty – assisting the driver
15.00 Tea
Presentation of Steam Experience Certificate
15.15 End of Steam Experience Day

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